Claims about convergent evolution are absurd

Claims about convergent evolution are absurd

Excerpt: "Get a load of this: Darwinians claim that complex features arose independently multiple times by an unknown process called “convergent evolution.”

Giving a name to something is not the same as explaining it. Darwinians have learned how to manipulate language to create vacuous terms that masquerade as explanations. For instance, if two organisms that share the same assumed ancestral line have similar traits, they are called “homologous” traits in Darwinese. But if the traits are similar and are not on the same ancestral line, they call them “analogous” traits. When evolution splits traits apart, they call it “divergence.” When evolution brings separate organisms together, they call it “convergence.” Evolutionists confabulate and confibulate to pretend they are doing science, when they’re actually just playing Jargonwocky. Let’s look at some examples that demonstrate how convergence—an essential ingredient in Darwin Flubber—operates according to the Stuff Happens Law.
It is a brilliant example of convergent evolution, where unrelated organisms independently evolve similar adaptations (for example, the wings of birds and bats). In this case, it is an animal that looks like a plant that imitates a carnivorous plant that feeds like an animal."
My comment: Let's have a closer look at these crazy claims about convergent evolution cases. Remember, the claim is that each case is independent from each other. They have no relationship or causality with each other. The craziest claims so far by darwinists:

1. C4 photosynthesis. According to 'science' it has evolved 60 times independently. Scientists have not succeeded in building an autonomous photosynthesis system. But evolution has done this for 60 times! Seems to be easy!

2. Eye 35 times. Think about the complex mechanism and signaling pathways that are connected with brain. And according to 'science' humans and squids evolved same eyes using same genes. What a coincidence!

3. Giving birth, 150 times. Piece of cake for evolution. Very convincing. 

4. Carnivorous plants. Nitrogen-deficient plants have in at least 7 distinct times become carnivorous. 

5. Hearing. 30 times. Bats and dolphins separately evolved same sonar gene. What a surprise! (Do they really think that one gene is sufficient for developing a sonar ability?)

6. Bioluminescence is quite a mystery for science. According to darwinists it has independently evolved even 27 times! 

7. Magnetite for orientation, magnetically charged particles of magnetite for directional sensing have been found in unrelated species of salmon, rainbow trout, some butterflies and birds.

8. Electric organ in some fishes. 6 times. Independently from each other. Sure.

9. Parthenogenesis. Some lizards, insects, fishes and rodents are able to reproduce asexually, without males. 

Seems that evolution is very intelligent. No, seriously. These absurd claims regarding convergent evolution are absolutely false science. Clever mechanisms observed in nature point to Design and Creation. Don't get misled.