Overwhelming scientific evidence against the theory of evolution

Overwhelming scientific evidence against the theory of evolution

The leading Evolutionary biologists:

"If much more than 3% of genome is functional, evolution becomes primarily a destructive process." (PZ Myers, 2015)

"If any more than a small percentage of DNA has a meaningful sequence, such a mutation rate causes more than 1-2 harmful mutations per generation, and evolution becomes primarily a destructive process." (Larry Moran, 2014)

"Mutational load considerations lead to the conclusion that the functional fraction within the human genome cannot exceed 25%, and is probably considerably lower." (Dan Graur, 2017)
Modern science has revealed that there's no junk-DNA in the genome:


"In addition, there has been an explosion of research addressing possible functional roles for the other 98% of the human genome that does not encode proteins. In fact, >90% of the human genome is likely to be transcribed yielding a complex network of overlapping transcripts that include tens of thousands of long RNAs with little or no protein forming capacity; they are collectively called non-coding RNA."

These facts are in concordance with OBSERVED evidence:

  • There are 628,685 gene-disease associations in human genome worldwide but the number of beneficial mutations is close to zero.
  • In the wild, a strong deletional bias shapes organisms' genomes. This can be observed as growing amounts of heterochromatin, chromosome fusions and decreasing numbers of chromosomes.
  • There are two main reasons for speciation:
    • Epigenetic modifications. 
    • Corruption of genetic information that results re-organization of information. 

So, as Dan Graur has said: "If ENCODE is right, evolution is wrong."

ENCODE is more than right, there's no junk-DNA. Evolution is wrong.