Three different evolutionary trees - The theory of evolution is pseudoscientific storytelling

Three different evolutionary trees - The theory of evolution is pseudoscientific storytelling

DNA does not determine traits of organisms. You can explore why your skin cell is completely different from the liver cell although both have exactly the same DNA. As you understand the mechanisms of cell differentiation, you realize that there is no mechanism for evolution. 

The actual regulatory functions of the cell are mediated by both non-coding and coding RNA molecules, most notably lncRNAs and microRNAs. MicroRNA molecules have several vital regulatory functions, such as protein production and intercellular communication. Various miRNA transcripts are known in the human genome of more than 5500. Evolutionary theory can be debunked by the fact that the comparison of microRNA transcripts between the organisms produces a completely different evolutionary tree of life than the traditional Darwinian fossil based tree:

If we compare long non-coding RNA molecules, that are in response of setting epigenetic markers in place during the embryonic development (for example sperm lncrnas, supplied by thousands of different extracellular vesicles), we again get a completely different evolutionary tree: human and chimpanzee genomes are less than 30 percent consistent. The similarity of human and pig lncRNA transcripts is significantly higher, i.e., 57%. 

Evolutionary theory is therefore the most serious heresy of our time. There is no known mechanism for evolution and there is no scientific evidence for it. Any change in organisms is based on epigenetic regulation of existing biological information or gradual but inevitable corruption of information. Life only arises from life and life itself is the best proof of Creation and Intelligent Design. Do not get lost, good people.