The theory of evolution is full of chicken-egg dilemmas

The most inconvenient chicken-egg dilemmas of the theory of evolution

Evolutionists' belief in their theory is so strong that they are blind to see the impossibility of their theory. Here's the most serious chicken-egg dilemmas.

RNA Pol-ii
1. RNA polymerase is an enzyme that is a complex molecular machine and is intended to synthesize RNA from either DNA or RNA. The RNA polymerase is composed of a number of complex proteins. But proteins can't be produced without the RNA polymerase. Where did it come from?

2. DNA repair mechanisms need several complex enzymes. If life originated in the primordial soup, the sun's UV rays, background radiation, etc. would have destroyed the first assumed DNA molecules just in hours without a functioning repair mechanism. Just DNA is not enough to build proteins because the cell also needs epigenetic information structures for protein production and thousands of other fully functional mechanisms and machines. Where did the DNA repair mechanisms come from?

3. A unicellular organism can not evolve into multi-cellularity because the necessary information needed for cell differentiation is given from parents to offspring. For example, a growing flatworm C Elegans (1031 cells) needs accurate information for its cellular differentiation and specialization.  It gets that information only from its predecessor by using non coding RNA molecules (lncRNAs and miRNAs). Where did the predecessor come from?

4. Bacterial life span varies from a few minutes to a maximum of weeks (bacteria are able to stay in a dormancy even for years but then they have stopped all functionality). They have to be replicated so that the population survives and continues to exist. How did the first assumed bacterium develop a super complex replication machinery just in a few hours or weeks?

5. An RNA thermometer is a temperature-sensitive non-coding RNA molecule which transmits information from outside world for the cell and helps it regulate gene expression. RNA-thermometers are widely used by bacteria and plants. It is coded from DNA by RNA-polymerase and modified by several complex mechanisms. The RNA thermometer is read by cellular reading machineries. Which evolved first, the sensor, the signal routing mechanism or the reading mechanism? There are hundreds of different receptors in living organisms responding to nutrients, climate, stressors, light, chemicals etc.

There are no observed answers to these chicken-egg problems. But they are very important issues and people should demand evolutionary biologists to give relevant answers (based on scientific evidence) for these problems.