Due to Rapid Human DNA Degradation Rare Diseases Are Increasing in Frequency

Due to Rapid Human DNA Degradation Rare Diseases Are Increasing in Frequency


Human DNA is rapidly degrading. The article below puts quite a bit of figures on the table. As a result of genetic deterioration, there is a huge spectrum of rare genetic diseases. These are not weeded out from the population by any kind of selection, but as the article says, the number of rare diseases is rapidly growing.

By 2020, about 10% of people will carry at least one disease-causing genetic mutation. In Europe, this is about 42 million people, over 400 million in Asia and some 52 million in North America. There are so many diseases caused by genetic mutations that the medical industry is not able to handle them all. When a certain genetic disease is affected by a relatively small proportion of the population, pharmaceutical companies are not economically viable to develop treatment for rare illness. This causes problems for society.

The total number of disease-causing genetic mutations in the human DNA at population level is 214,158. Annual increase was more than 20,000.


According to the Nature's study, about 73% of mutations in human DNA have occurred during the last 5,000 years. All these scientific facts confirm that evolutionary theory is the most serious heresy of our time and that man has not been wandering for many thousands of years on this planet.