Rapid human genetic degradation

Millions Of Novel Genetic Variants Found In 1000 Swedish Individuals


Excerpt: "An extensive exercise to map genetic variation in Sweden has found 33 million genetic variants, 10 million of which are novel. Large-scale DNA sequencing methods were used to analyse the whole genome of 1000 individuals from different parts of the country. The study was led by researchers at Uppsala University, who have published their findings in the European Journal of Human Genetics.

"This resource will benefit many national research projects investigating the association between genetic variants and diseases," says Professor Ulf Gyllensten, Uppsala University and SciLifeLab, who has led the project.
The data will also be of immediate use in clinical diagnostics to determine whether a genetic variation in a patient is a cause of disease, or if it is also present among healthy individuals in the population.

"Our study shows the presence of millions of previously unidentified genetic variants in Sweden, the majority of which occur at low frequency in the population. It is crucial to identify these low frequency variants to facilitate the diagnosis of genetic diseases," says Adam Ameur, bioinformatician at Uppsala University and SciLifeLab, who has been responsible for the data analyses."

My comment: The number of disease-causing mutations in the human genome at population level just arose to 208,368. An annual increase was about 20,000 new disease-causing mutations. Can you see the association between these novel genetic variations and disease-causing genetic mutations? It's obvious.

Most of these genetic variants are critical. They result in faulty genes, truncated proteins and loss of biological information. Evolution is not happening. Genetic degradation occurs so rapidly within all kind of organisms that it's ridiculous to talk about millions of years of evolution. Don't get misled.