Icelanders are leaders in 'evolution' - Diseases and disorders

More than 20 million genetic variants identified in the Icelanders' genome - still no evolution observed


Excerpt: "Scientists who sequenced the entire genomes of 2,636 people in Iceland have produced a trove of valuable information about the nature, location and frequency of human genetic variations.

The new research not only sheds light on the range of human genetic variability; it will help researchers draw more direct lines between genes and diseases.

For instance, genetic abnormalities long thought to guarantee early death now appear to be more common than previously believed, the researchers found. They also discovered new genetic contributors to such varied afflictions as Alzheimer's disease, liver disease and atrial fibrillation.

By sequencing the full genomes of so many Icelanders and comparing the results with less extensive genotype data from more than 104,000 of their countrymen, the scientists identified more than 20 million genetic variants.

One of the studies looked for genetic “knockouts” — gene deletions that scientists had thought would do irreparable harm to the people who had them. The team identified 1,171 different knockouts, and they found more than 8,000 Icelanders who have completely lost the function of at least one gene as a result of a knockout."

My comment: Icelanders' dna points out what is the tendency of human genetic condition. It's only getting worse. 20 million genetic mutations, 1,171 different whole gene knockouts, a huge amount of silenced genes etc. prove that evolution is not happening. Biological information is only lost. Humankind will be in trouble in the near future.

The genetic degradation of Icelanders has left certain consequences (sarcasm alert):

0.0% of Icelanders 25 years or younger believe God created the world.
- Iceland scored dead last amongst western European countries in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests. (