How millions of years changed to thousands

How to make a cave fish in just a few thousand years

Excerpt: "How long does it take for a cave fish to evolve from an open-water swimmer? Only a few thousand years, according to a new study. Scientists used to think that ice age glaciers covering northern Europe had prevented fish from colonizing the continents’ caves. Such species were thought to live no farther north than Pennsylvania’s Nippenose Valley. But a new cave-dwelling fish discovered in southern Germany 2 years ago is turning that assumption on its head. The pale, tiny fish with long, whiskerlike barbs sprouting from its head (above) is a new species of loach, as yet unnamed. It’s also the first cave fish to be found in Europe, 760 kilometers farther north than those in Pennsylvania.

Until 12,000 years ago, Europe and its caves were buried beneath glacial ice, which blocked any connection between above- and underground waterways. But as the glaciers retreated, sinkholes and springs formed around Germany’s upper Danube, connecting the river to extensive caves and streams 250 kilometers below. Some fish made their way in, becoming smaller, with pale scaleless bodies, large nostrils, and tiny eyes—all adaptations for living in the dark, the scientists report in today’s issue of Current Biology. Based on their genetic analysis, the scientists say the cave loach is a close relative of the darkly mottled stone loach, which is twice the size of the cave fish, and still swims in the sunny, open waters of the Danube River."

My comment: Previous pseudoscientific studies claimed that the blind cave fish gradually experienced mutations during millions of years and that natural selection helped the fish to evolve and adapt to dark, lightless environment. Incredible nonsense! How many 'scientific' studies were made using this claim as a starting point? And people believed in them! Of course, because science, the god of wisdom, so claimed. How sad.

Modern scientists already understand that adaptation for living in the dark doesn't take even thousands of years. Instead, it can happen just in tens of generations. And not a single gene sequence alteration is needed for this clever adaptation procedure. How is it done?

There are opsins, light-sensitive proteins in fish skin, eyes and brain. Information of light level is transmitted into neurons in the brain and based on this, certain genes are regulated by epigenetic mechanisms. The necessary information for embryonic gene regulation 
is transmitted by microRNAs. By this clever, designed mechanism, the blind cave fish is able to rapidly activate its eyes after returning into normal environment. It takes only a few generations.

Random mutations or natural selection has no role within these designed mechanisms. Everything points to God's creation and Intelligent Design. Don't get lost.