How a little schoolgirl destroyed the theory of Evolution by a single question

How a little schoolgirl destroyed the theory of Evolution with a single question

Children had a lesson in Biology. Ms Nieminen, the teacher, taught about the theory of evolution and the first assumed life forms on Earth. Pupils and the teacher had an interesting conversation:

Teacher: - And here's a nice picture of a bacterial population. They are simple single cell life forms. Do you know, dear children, that all other life forms have evolved from these tiny unicellular organisms?

Children: - Cool!

Teacher: - Yes, it's really cool. But do you know that a bacterium is able to copy itself? It's called replication and reproduction. In this way the bacteria are able to maintain the population. The replication mechanism is extremely complex.

Liisa, 10 years: Teacher, how long can one single bacterium cell live?

Teacher: Well, it depends...some of them live only few minutes but some can live even weeks. How so?

Liisa: Then how did the first bacterium develop its replication system if it had only some weeks time to make that invention?

Teacher: What? I don't understand your question.

Liisa: You said that a bacterium has to replicate itself before it dies for being able to maintain the population. Do you think it developed the replication machinery just in hours or weeks? How is it possible?

Teacher: Ummm...we don't know the conditions where the first bacteria were living...ummm...but science has all the answers. Maybe you should read a book.

The DNA replication mechanism.