Three basic tenets of the Evolutionary theory refuted by a single study

In addition to mutations in genes, aberrant enhancer element activity at non-coding regions of the genome is a key driver of tumorigenesis


Excerpt from abstract: "In addition to mutations in genes, aberrant enhancer element activity at non-coding regions of the genome is a key driver of tumorigenesis. Here, we perform epigenomic enhancer profiling of a cohort of more than forty genetically diverse human colorectal cancer (CRC) specimens. Using normal colonic crypt epithelium as a comparator, we identify enhancers with recurrently gained or lost activity across CRC specimens. Of the enhancers highly recurrently activated in CRC, most are constituents of super enhancers, are occupied by AP-1 and cohesin complex members, and originate from primed chromatin. Many activate known oncogenes, and CRC growth can be mitigated through pharmacologic inhibition or genome editing of these loci. Nearly half of all GWAS CRC risk loci co-localize to recurrently activated enhancers. These findings indicate that the CRC epigenome is defined by highly recurrent epigenetic alterations at enhancers which activate a common, aberrant transcriptional programme critical for CRC growth and survival."

My comment: This study just shot down three basic pseudoscientific claims of the theory of evolution: We've been taught that random mutations and natural selection are key drivers of evolution and that at least 97% of our DNA is junk.

However, modern science has found that:

1. Mutations will not lead to evolution because they are genetic errors. There are 200,000 disease-causing genetic mutations in the human DNA. The so called natural selection is not able to filter them out.

2. Mutations are not random changes. They are caused by poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, stress, toxins, radiation, lack of exercise etc. Mutations are results of our lifestyles. Variation in nature is caused by epigenetic factors.


3. We shouldn't use the term 'junk-dna' anymore. Non-coding regions of the genome are crucial regulatory areas for gene expression, cellular backup mechanisms and survival strategies for our heart, brain and other important organs.

There are no mechanisms for evolution. We've been created. Don't get misled.