Signs of human chromosome loss

Mutations are leading to heavy loss of biological information

• A 1984 report describes a family with 3 adult siblings who had 44 chromosomes, #s 13 and 14 combined.
• A 1988 report tells of 3 distantly-related families in Finland, also involving #s 13 and 14, whose Rob chromosome passed in carriers through at least 9 generations, appearing in at least one homozygote.
• A 1989 paper describes a Rob between #s 14 and 21 in a homozygote whose carrier parents were related.
Trickling into the headlines was a case report from 2013 of a 25-year-old healthy Chinese man who has 44 chromosomes because each 14 joins a 15 – a combo not seen before.

"In a recent article, a doctor in China has identified a man who has 44 chromosomes instead of the usual 46. Except for his different number of chromosomes, this man is perfectly normal in every measurable way."

My comment: Genetic mutations are caused by aberrant and disrupted methylation patterns due to poor nutrition, toxins, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise etc. SNPs are genetic errors that are not allowed to end up into transcription machinery. That's why cellular mechanisms hide and silence those erroneous genes by methylating histones. Dense areas of tightly packaged areas of chromatin consume the energy and that's why the cell tries to get rid of them. This can happen during both mitosis and meiosis, although the meiotic chromosomal recombination procedure is a very complex phenomenon. The final result can be observed as smaller or lost chromosomes. This happens rapidly all over nature, for example:


"On Madeira, one species may have evolved into six in the space of just 500 years.
Britton-Davidian, an evolutionary biologist at Université Montpellier II in Montpellier, France, showed that populations of Maderian mice have between 22 and 30 chromosomes, even though their ancestors, who first arrived with the Portugese in the 15th century, had 40."

It's very likely that the number of human chromosomes has been much higher 500 years ago. That's why claims about human/chimp chromosome fusion are false science.

Mutations lead to a chromosome loss during individual's lifetime, this is a scientific fact:


We can only observe loss of information in nature. That's why the evolutionary theory is the biggest lie ever. Don't get misled.