Salt flats are remnants of a mega-flood in Mars

Every salt flat on Earth is located close to a volcano


Excerpt: "A combination of volcanism, tectonics, collapse and subsidence in the Tharsis region led to several massive groundwater releases from Echus Chasma, which subsequently flooded the Kasei Valles region around 3.6–3.4 billion years ago. These ancient mega-floods have left their mark on the features seen today."


Excerpt: "The 18-square-mile chloride salt deposit is similar to Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats, they say."

My comment: It's obvious that the Earth's salt flats are also remnants of a mega-flood. It's not a coincidence that every salt flat or saline lake of the Earth is located close to a volcano, a caldera or a tectonic crossroad.

The origin of salt is under the crust. Other planets and moons have pretty similar structure as the Earth. Look at the Ganymede cross section:

Compare the salt layer of the Ganymede with the Earth's thick salt layers. The erratic salt layers point to a catastrophy.

How does secular science explain the salt flats, like Bonneville in Utah? "The Salt Flats were formed when ancient Lake Bonneville dried up", say scientists. But what a coincidence, an 'ancient' supervolcano is located pretty close to the Utah salt flats. There is also a volcano close to the largest salt flats of the Earth, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

There's a small inactive volcano In Ethiopia called El Sod. Over a hundred meters of salt in that small crater proves that the origin of salt is under the crust.


Salt flats and saline lakes are remnants of a Biblical flood. Don't get misled.