Two different trees of life - The Darwinian theory of evolution is false science

Two different trees of life - The Darwinian theory of evolution is false science

A molecular palaeobiologist at nearby Dartmouth College, Peterson has been reshaping phylogenetic trees for the past few years, ever since he pioneered a technique that uses short molecules called microRNAs to work out evolutionary branchings. He has now sketched out a radically different diagram for mammals: one that aligns humans more closely with elephants than with rodents.

“I've looked at thousands of microRNA genes, and I can't find a single example that would support the traditional tree,” he says. The technique “just changes everything about our understanding of mammal evolution”.

Now, together with his colleagues around the world, Peterson is putting it all on the line with mammals. “If we get this wrong, all faith that anyone has in microRNAs [for phylogenetics] will be lost,” says Philip Donoghue, a palaeobiologist at the University of Bristol, UK, who has teamed up with Peterson. And there is more at stake than just the technique. “It could well be the end of all our careers,” he says.

If the traditional tree was correct, then an unprecedented number of microRNA genes would have to have been lost, and Peterson considers that highly unlikely. “The microRNAs are totally unambiguous,” he says, “but they give a totally different tree from what everyone else wants.”

My comment: This is exactly how pseudoscience works. 'Scientists' don't look at the data as it is, but they try to fit it into evolutionary storytelling. Evolutionists don't regard microRNAs as important elements in cellular biology because of this inconvenient fact that microRNAs don't fit into the Darwinian tree of life. But serious scientists do know the importance of these tiny molecules:

1. MicroRNAs are in response of establishing epigenetic markers for cellular differentiation in embryonic stem cells. Without microRNAs the correct tissue specialization will not occur. MicroRNA induced epigenetic programming is the most significant factor in inheritance of traits.

2. MicroRNAs regulate and fine-tune protein production by controlling alternative splicing mechanism. This mechanism makes it possible for the cell to produce even thousands of different proteins using informational structure of just one gene.

3. MicroRNAs transfer cell to cell signals by using extracellular vesicles as carriers.

4. MicroRNAs are transcribed from area of genome that was called junk-DNA by pseudoscientists. Programming of microRNAs is a very complex procedure. DNA methylation levels affect it by a significant factor.


5. One miRNA molecule may have even hundreds of target pre-mRNAs (so called target genes).

If you believe in the evolutionary theory, you are supposed to choose your tree of life. Whether you choose this newest tree, you should reorganize your fossil record too and you should try to solve the mystery of the DNA. If you choose the traditional tree of life, you have to ignore modern science and live in a world of pseudoscience. This is why my choice is Intelligent Design and Creation. Don't get lost.