Serious overestimation of species count

Serious overestimation of species count


Excerpt: "Computer programs that rely on genetic data alone split populations of organisms into five to 13 times as many species as actually exist, researchers report online January 30 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

My comment: This is the result after false science and Darwinian heresy. Evolutionary biologists are lost with their definitions of species and with true reasons for adaptation and variation of organisms.

Let's figure it out what speciation actually means.

Organisms adapt into changing environment due to epigenetic regulatory mechanisms. Adaptation may lead to change in phenotype which is observed as variation. When the outcome has changed a lot, there have been significant epigenetic alterations in the organism's genome. These changes also influence the type of pheromones the organism produce. Pheromones control mating behaviour. Often the case is that an adapted and variated organism is able to reproduce with its ancestral type but due to pheromone control, it is not willing to. In zoos we can sometimes observe interesting phenomena, for example several types of hybrid animals. Modern scientists have also found out that odors of certain foods function as pheromones by controlling the mating behaviour.

From the perspective of Design, this goes by logic because due to pheromone controlled mating behaviour the biodiversity is maintained very rich.

After an organism has experienced a lot of epigenetic modifications that lead to adaptation and variation, it also experiences mechanism based sequence alterations. These mutations have no role in biodiversity except that they cause genomic deterioration. Faulty genes lead to chromatin remodeling and chromosome loss. These are often true barriers for reproduction especially when the number of chromosomes differ significantly.

This is observed by studying the so called evolutionary tree of any organism. Let's have an example. The Fox lineage:

Bat-eared fox 72 chromosomes
Gray Fox 66 chromosomes
Fennec Fox 64 chromosomes
Bengal Fox 60 chromosomes
Kit Fox 50 chromosomes
Tibetan sand fox 36 chromosomes
Red Fox 34 chromosomes

Just have a look at the evolutionary tree of the Foxes and note that chromosomes are typically lost in the nodes of branches in that tree:


Mutations cause loss of biological information. Large scale evolution has never been observed. Everything in beautiful nature points to Design and Creation. Don't get lost.