Rapid Evolution Observed?

Rapid Evolution Observed?

Katie bought an Anole Lizard. But she didn't follow recommendations on how to feed her new pet. The lizard turned dark brown. She has just observed rapid 'evolution' to occur. The reason for this rapid change is obvious; she gave only mealworms for the lizard instead of nutrient rich crickets and cockroaches. Here's the story:


The same phenomenon is happening in nature. All the time and everywhere. But it will never lead to evolution. Rapid changes within Darwin's Finches happen for the same reasons. Diet changes the epitranscriptome which alters gene expression patterns. You can read about this scientific fact from here:



Evolutionary biology is using rapid changes within Florida Anole Lizards as a model example of evolution:

This is false science. Organisms experience changes due to intelligent mechanisms coded in their cells, not by random mutations or genetic errors. Sometimes changes occur very rapidly, just in days:


"Forty days in, those vegetarian iguanas managed to keep the same weight as iguanas given a balanced diet. Dissections revealed a possible reason: Vegetarians’ small intestines had grown 17% longer. Plus, their guts harbored a more diverse community of microbes than lizards on the typical diet, including higher numbers of a few microbe groups suspected to break down fiber, the team reports today in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

This kind of rapid adaptation is not possible without Intelligent Design and Creation. Don't get misled.