A shocking DNA test result!

A white American girl has the greatest gene resemblance to Somalia and Sudan!

Excerpt: "I’ve recently received some shocking, life-altering news. My whole world has changed. I’ve lost all sense of identity and have so many questions. I took a DNA test and discovered I’m not who I thought I was.

The test, which I purchased through Living Social at a deep discount, is designed to tell you the top areas of the world whose current people have genes similar to yours. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your family is originally from that location, but it can be reasoned that if you have similar DNA, then you could possibly have ancestral connections to that place. That’s what the company’s website says anyway.

I received the test in the mail and after a few quick swabs of the mouth, I sent the sample back and waited. About 8 days later, the results were accessible online. They tell you the top 10 countries you’re connected to, along with some scientific gobbly gook that means nothing to the average person.

Before I give you the results, first let me tell you what I was expecting. As a white girl with known ties to England and Germany, I was expecting mostly European countries to pop up. In fact, I thought for sure there would be nothing new to learn or anything to gain from taking the test. I just thought the whole thing was interesting and that it would be cool to verify what I already knew.

Without further ado, I give you the results. Here are the countries that I have the greatest gene resemblance to:

1. Somalia
2. Sudan
3. Spain
4. Brazil
5. Morocco
6. Qatar
7. Afghanistan
8. Venezuela
9. Turkey
10. Columbia"

My comment: Gene sequences don't determine skin, hair or eye color. Gene sequences don't determine traits. Traits are inherited and determined by epigenetic control of gene expression. Here's an interesting video showing reactions of people who realize that all human beings are kind of cousins, the one and the same human kind created by God.


If you are not sure about your genetic relationships, or even if you were, it's worth considering the DNA test. You will be surprised. After the test you will realize the fabrification of the evolutionary theory. You have surprising relatives!