Are we able to beat evolution at its own game?

Are we able to beat evolution at its own game?

Excerpt: "We might finally be able to beat evolution at its own game.
Using the gene editing tool CRISPR…biologists can arrange it so that a gene will spread exponentially through a population of organisms."

My comment: 100-200 genetic mutations are accumulated each time the dna is passed from one generation to the next. Human genome is rapidly deteriorating. This is called genetic entropy. It's a scientific fact and consequences can be seen by everybody; over 10,000 genetic diseases in the human genome.


"Monogenic diseases result from modifications in a single gene occurring in all cells of the body. Though relatively rare, they affect millions of people worldwide. Scientists currently estimate that over 10,000 of human diseases are known to be monogenic. Pure genetic diseases are caused by a single error in a single gene in the human DNA."
This is called evolution. Scientists understand the true nature of evolution and that's why they are busy at developing new gene editing architectures like CRISPR-Cas9. Evolution doesn't produce new information. Increase of new functions or structures measured by biological information growth has never been observed. The evolutionary theory is a dangerous heresy.