Rapid ecological adaptation points to Design and Creation

Rapid ecological adaptation points to Design and Creation

If the emergence of a new species of birds does not take more than a couple of generations, there is evidence for Design and Biblical creation, the flood and the subsequent rapid formation of biodiversity.


Excerpt: "Researchers previously assumed that the formation of a new species takes a very long time, but in the Big Bird lineage it happened in just two generations, according to observations made by the Grants in the field in combination with the genetic studies."

We can observe everywhere the rapid ecological adaptation of organisms, based primarily on epigenetic gene regulation caused by diet type, climate and various stressors, which also causes genetic changes. However, most DNA sequence modifications result in genetic errors that lead to DNA degradation. The change is therefore not about mutations and natural selection, but due to mechanism-based ecological adaptation. Those mechanisms also cause changes to the pheromone production of the organism, which in turn controls its mating behavior. This is why scientists use the term 'species', although rather it should be said about breeds, for example.

There's no mechanism for evolution because any change in organisms is caused by epigenetic regulation of existing biological information OR loss of it. Don't be deceived.