Neo-Darwinism has failed as an evolutionary theory

One in five 'healthy' adults may carry disease-related genetic mutations


Excerpt: "The first genome screening study looked at 100 healthy adults who initially reported their family history to their own primary care physician. Then half were randomly assigned to undergo an additional full genomic workup, which cost about $5000 each and examined some 5 million subtle DNA sequence changes, known as single-nucleotide variants, across 4600 genes—such genome screening goes far beyond that currently recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), which suggests informing people of results for just 59 genes known or strongly expected to cause disease.

Of the 50 participants whose genomes were sequenced, 11 had alterations in at least one letter of DNA suspected to cause—usually rare—diseases, researchers report today in The Annals of Internal Medicine. But only two exhibited clear symptoms. One was a patient with extreme sensitivity to the sun. Their DNA revealed a skin condition called variegate porphyria. “Now that patient knows they will be much less likely to get bad sunburns or rashes if they avoid the sun and certain medications,” says Jason Vassy, a primary care clinician-investigator at Veteran Affairs Boston Healthcare System and lead author of the study.

The team also found that every sequenced patient carried at least one recessive mutation linked to a disease—a single copy of a mutant gene that could cause an illness if two copies are present. That knowledge can be used to make reproductive decisions—a partner may get tested to see if they have a matching mutation—and prompt family members to test themselves for carrier status. And in what Vassy calls a “slightly more controversial result,” the team examined participants’ chances of developing eight polygenic diseases, conditions that are rarely attributed to a single genetic mutation. Here, they compiled the collective effects of multiple genes—up to 70 for type II diabetes and 60 for coronary heart disease—to predict a patient’s relative risk of developing the disease."

My comment: This is the end of the pseudoscientific theory of evolution. Genetic mutations are not resulting in any kind of evolution or adaptation. Genetic mutations lead to diseases and disorders. So called natural selection is not able to weed out genetic errors.

People need to choose their partners and screen for their genomes for avoiding genetic diseases to break out within their children. There are 203,885 disease-causing genomic mutations in the human genome and the number is increasing very rapidly. Scientists urgently need help in making CRISPR gene editing more accurate and reliable.

The theory of evolution is the major heresy. Stop maintaining pseudoscience.