Checklist to confirm Biblical Creation and Intelligent Design

Checklist to confirm Biblical Creation and Intelligent Design - And to refute the theory of evolution

Things we are expected to observe whether Biblical creation and the global flood could be regarded as a potential theory for explaining the origin of life and the rich biodiversity. Here's the updated checklist.
1. No pre-cellular life forms have been observed. Check.
2. Unicellular life form has not been observed to evolve into multicellularity. Check.
3. Bacteria stay bacteria, dogs stay dogs etc. Check.
4. Large scale evolution has not been observed to happen. Check.
5. Organisms are able to rapidly adapt due to very sophisticated epigenetic mechanisms. Check.
6. Organisms may experience variation after adaptation. Check.
7. Variation modifies mating behaviour. Check.
8. Random genetic errors don't impact the biodiversity. Check.
9. There are a wide variety of efficient repair mechanisms in cells. Check.
10. A lot of rapidly buried organisms can be found in sediment layers. Check.
11. A lot of soft tissues can be found from bone samples from big animals like dinosaurs. Check.
12. Dinosaur bones still smell. Check.
13. There's an obvious lack of transitional fossils. Check.
14. Most fossils are exceptionally well preserved. Check.
15. Complex structures can be found from organisms in every fossil layer. Check.
16. The oldest human civilizations are only a few thousand years old. Check.
17. Human genome is rapidly deteriorating. There are ~200,000 disease-causing genetic defects in the DNA at population level. Over 10,000 new disease-causing mutations are discovered every year. 10% of people are living with a rare genetic disease.  Check.
18. A vast majority of human mutations have occurred during the last 5000 years. Check.
19. Scientists are in a hurry to develop gene editing techniques, such as CRISPR/Cas9. Check.
20. Numbers of mammalian chromosomes are only decreasing. Check.
21. There's still a missing link between humans and apes. Check.

There are a lot of reasons to believe in Biblical creation. Check.