The DNA methylation revealed a much stronger link to survival than point mutations

The DNA methylation revealed a much stronger link to survival than point mutations


Excerpt: "Various chemical modifications in the genome determine whether genes are read or deactivated. Methyl labels in the DNA play a key role in this "epigenetic" regulation of gene activity. Life style and environmental factors influence the methylation in the genome. Scientists have already well documented links between the methylation status of specific positions in the genome and cancer as well as other diseases....The DNA methylation revealed a much stronger link to survival than all other previously studied alterations in individual DNA building blocks (SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphisms). The epigenetic risk profile thus proved to be a more accurate indicator for lifespan than all other previously established genetic risk profiles that are based on alterations in DNA building blocks.

"We were surprised that the methylation status of only ten positions of our genome correlates so strongly with all-cause mortality," commented Brenner. "We found even stronger links to mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Now it is important to find out which prevention measures are most effective to achieve a beneficial impact on the methylation profile and mortality."

My comment: Point mutations are results of bad life habits, poor nutrition, stress and environmental factors. Aberrant methylation patterns trigger sequence alterations, which usually are genetic errors. The DNA methylation is an important element in your genome. It stabilizes the whole DNA, activates/silences genes, keeps faulty genes silenced and is used as an analog information layer on top of genes and histones. Methylation patterns are altered when an organism adapts into different type of diet, climate and other environmental factors. Cancer and other serious diseases and health problems are typically caused by disrupted methylation patterns. These epigenetic layers are often transgenerationally inheritable genomic elements. You can take care of your epigenome by eating healthy food, avoiding smoking, alcohol and other toxins.

Changes in gene sequences alone will never lead to evolution or adaptation. Genes are networked by several grammar-complex information layers and they need epigenetic markers for correct functions. Genes are just RAW libraries for RNA directed cellular mechanisms. The evolutionary theory is a major lie. Don't get lost.