Bringing extinct species back to life - is it possible?

Bringing extinct species back to life - is it possible?

Excerpt: "If the DNA inside the nucleus is well preserved enough to take control of the egg, it just might start dividing into a mammoth embryo. If the scientists can get past that hurdle, they still have the formidable task of transplanting the embryo into an elephant’s womb. Then, as Zimov cautions, they will need patience. If all goes well, it will still be almost two years before they can see if the elephant will give birth to a healthy mammoth.

“The thing that I always say is, if you don’t try, how would you know that it’s impossible?” says Hwang."

My comment: Bringing extinct species back to life is not possible. Why? Here's because:

1. The necessary information needed for embryonic development is not written in the DNA only. You need information of how genes need to be expressed. You need information of correct histone methylation patterns and several other regulatory factors.

2. Using cells of dead animals, even if they were properly preserved, that means in conditions at least -20 C degrees, doesn't quarantee the correct gene expression to find its status in embryonic development. Markers needed for gene expression are wiped out after the fertilization. 

3. The most significant reason for why cloning will not be successful is that non coding RNAs, microRNAs etc. play the most significant role in embryonic development. Traits are not determined by gene sequences. Instead, programmable maternal and paternal microRNAs direct the embryonic development after the fertilization and during pregnancy.

This is why we have not seen a single successful de-extinction example. But 'scientists' want to maintain an illusion of de-extinction and that's why they are telling imaginary stories of how we could and should bring some species back to life. These are only evolutionary stories and they have nothing to do with modern, serious science.